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Building a Great Life

It is a known fact that every single human-being has the innate ability to craft a truly wonderful life. The reason why we generally don’t get to experience this potential is because we keep postponing the act of truly living. Phrases like, “I’ll change my lifestyle when I get over the tough time I’m having […]

Step Out of Your Zone

Everybody wants to progress. Everybody tries at some point or the other to make improvements to their lives.Yet very few people find themselves actually succeeding and living the lives they envisage for themselves.

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How To: Build a World-Class Team

Regardless of the passion, commitment & intelligence you may have, you're only as good as the team around you. The people you surround yourself with will either limit your potential or magnify it exponentially. Choose them carefully and you're well on your way to enjoying the world-class results you're aiming for.

The People Holding You Back

The type of people you surround yourself with is a good indicator of the type of person you’re becoming. As a rule, mix with people who will challenge you to live a better version of your life; the version you dream of but never get around to achieving. One ‘secret’ of super-achievers is their ability […]

You Need to Stop Waiting For

Nobody is going to face your fears and conquer your doubts so that you can start experiencing the power of the potential you were born with. You've got to commit to doing everything you can to lead a truly brilliant life. Only you can decide to unshackle yourself from excuses.

Do You Think You Can?

Sometimes, we inadvertently look for reasons to be unhappy. We find reasons for unhappiness when we refuse to adapt our thinking to our experiences

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How To: Make Progress

Each day, you wake up with a certain amount of energy which you will use to focus on the people, tasks and goals that you think are important to you. Inevitably, circumstances will regularly nudge you towards paying more attention to one or two areas

The People Around You

If you're sad and you surround yourself with sad people you're not going to cheer-up anytime soon. If you're trying to make progress in life but you keep company with individuals who are not committed to achieving their goals, you're probably not going...

What is Your Work?

We lessen the impact of our work when we spend our energies on our critics. When we try to convince them to see the beauty of our plans. Why do so many people spend so much of time trying to justify their dreams to those who don't believe in them?

Lies We Like to Believe

We like telling ourselves that we're not good enough or not talented enough just so that we don't need to disrupt our lives

Happy people don’t have the time…

There's a reason why some people are happier than others. It's not because they're wealthier or more good looking, it's because they choose to live differently. It's because they choose to make the changes their lives need in order to lead lives they can be proud of.