5 Tips : Arabic for Children


The Language of Allah Taala

How to Teach your Child Arabic

Ar Rihla often receives many queries from parents wanting to teach their children Arabic. It goes without saying that any Muslim parent would be proud to see their pride and joy speak the beautiful language of Allah Taala.

Although Ar Rihla doesn’t offer any courses for children, as our courses primarily cater for adults, here are some tips which you can implement in order to make it easier for your child to learn Arabic.

Whilst there are many aspects to be studied by one who wishes to master Arabic,these simple steps can aid in creating a solid foundation for your child’s journey on the path to mastering this wonderful language.

In my experiences teaching Arabic to adults,children,professionals,university graduates and scholars I have found that nurturing certain language skills at an early stage will Insha Allah prove most beneficial later on in life.

What can you do?

1. Write down the Arabic version of 5 words related to everyday objects

Objects which your child will see and interact with daily eg. Car,house,water,door. Teach your child how to pronounce  each word individually.Point out an object and the related word to your child. Get him/her to repeat after you.( Some of these words can be found on our media page here )

Keep this up for a week, 1 word a day over 5 days.On Day 1 your child will know 1 word,on Day 2 he will know 2 words and so on.. Every time you come across an object on your list, ask your child to state the Arabic;when drinking water point out the word for water. Children have minds like sponges and can absorb even the most elaborate of concepts,if presented properly.

2.  Teach your child some basic pronouns

We use words like “He”,”She”,”I”,We” & “You” all the time in English,why not use the Arabic equivalent from time to time? These word are used thousands of times in the Quraan,Salaah and the Sunnah Duas which we recite.

3.  Create an Arabic environment

Children remember what they see.Make up simple flashcards and put them up somewhere your child passes everyday eg. the fridge,the back of his/her bedroom door. If a child sees the word “baab” (door) written on a flashcard on the door he/she is bound to remember it.

4. Create interest

A child will excel at something he/she loves. By instilling love for Arabic in your child, you will be amazed at the dedication and commitment he/she will display. Constantly expose your child to the Quraan by encouraging both recitation and listening.Read authentic stories of the Quraan to your child regularly.Human nature will create within your child a desire to understand this Noble Book. Forcing a small child to learn something will only create hatred for the subject.

5. Enjoy

Make the Arabic learning experience an enjoyable one. Learn Arabic with your child.Measure each others progress and compete with him/her. Don’t rush your child or have preconceived expectations of success.Every child is unique and your child will learn in his/her own way. A flower cannot bloom in a constricted space.Give your child the room to think,explore,inquire and most of all to grow.

Author: Ml. Junaid Kajee