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Rihla Group

Nurturing intellectual growth

The Arabic word “Rihla” means a journey.

Founded by Moulana Junaid Kajee, Rihla is a human development company focused on nurturing intellectual growth.

Through our courses, seminars, webinars & online programs, we share cutting-edge learning programs designed to help you learn how to grow the most important areas of your life.

We are driven by a burning desire to see human beings equipped with the skills needed to improve their lives.

Our vision is simple : Bring hope, knowledge and progress to as many people as possible.

Our areas of focus include health, relationships, parenting, personal development, productivity, Arabic language courses, marriage programs and more.  

Rihla is headed by Moulana Junaid Kajee.

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What We Do

We design learning programmes and training solutions built around proven, actionable strategies & driven by measurable outcomes

How We Offer Our Content

Live & Recorded Webinars, Online Courses, Video Lessons, Audio Tutorials, On-Site Training & Seminars

Want To Learn More About Us?

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Visit the website of our founder, Ml.Junaid Kajee here

Find him on Twitter here: @JunaidKajee