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The Rihla Arabic Academy (designed by Ml.Junaid Kajee) offers you a unique set of Arabic courses designed for English-speakers & built around proven, effective teaching methodologies

With over a decade of experience in the field of Arabic-language education, we set the standard when it comes to studying Arabic.

Our unique syllabi (designed in-house) do away with unnecessary technical terms and information you're never going to use. If you're familiar with our courses, you'll know that we focus on providing you with meaningful content so that you can produce measurable results. (Basically, if you study Arabic with us, we want you to be able to demonstrate that knowledge) 

Our world-class courses are simple, well-researched and (from what others have told us) thoroughly enjoyable.

Previously, we offered 3 separate courses: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Arabic. Now, for the first time ever, the Rihla Arabic Academy combines all 3 levels of Arabic and backs it up with a dedicated HelpDesk to help you out whenever you need it.

If you're new to studying online, don't worry. We know what it feels like and so we've developed a unique learning experience - One that's designed for maximum impact whilst ensuring everything is kept as simple as possible.

To start your journey of studying with the Rihla Arabic Academy, no prior knowledge of Arabic is required (apart from the ability to read Arabic. If you cannot read Arabic, email us for info about our online course that teaches you how read Arabic from the very basics)

We know you have a lot happening in your life and won't always make it to study at the same times or the same pace. Which is why the Arabic Academy allows you to study at a pace that's comfortable for you. Global access to all content means that as long as you have Internet access, you can study.

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Individual Course Fees (in ZAR)

Basic Arabic Course

Intermediate Arabic Course

Advanced Arabic Course

R 999.00

R 2799.00

R 3699.00

Full Access To The Rihla Arabic Academy

R 5 999.00 

When you join the Academy, you get access to...

The Rihla Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Arabic Courses

Everything You Need To Be Able To Understand & Speak Arabic *

Learn at Your Own Pace

Global Access 24/7

Dedicated HelpDesk


* A limited number of registrations will be accepted *

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10:00 AM CAT

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Your 24-Month Online Access to the Rihla Arabic Academy includes:

#1 Basic Arabic Course

This course launched as "The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever"

 You start off with Basic Arabic Grammar and move on to being able to construct simple sentences.

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#4 Downloadable Workbooks 

Where required, We provide you with detailed, step-by-step workbooks illustrated in full-colour to reinforce the lessons taught in the video modules.

#2 Intermediate Arabic Course

Practically apply everything you've learnt in the Basic Level by learning to construct complex sentences and translate Basic Arabic texts. 

#5 Effective Audio Summaries

We want to ensure you have an opportunity to revise and catch-up on lessons wherever you are. 

Our MP3 summaries will give you a chance to review key concepts in just a few minutes.

#3 Advanced Arabic Course

Become proficient at translating & understanding classical long-form texts. 

Translate & read advanced Arabic texts using advanced-level grammar. 

#6 A Dedicated HelpDesk

 You will have access to a dedicated email-based support system.

Simply contact the Rihla HelpDesk with any questions you have about the course content and an expert tutor will assist you


* We've designed an Arabic learning programme like no other. Our support system is unparalleled. That being said, nothing meaningful is ever achieved without passionate, consistent commitment. We're confident that any committed individual who is dedicated to studying Arabic will be able to speak and understand the Arabic of the Noble Qur'aan after completing all 3 levels (together with the required coursework) offered by the Rihla Arabic Academy.

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