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The Rihla Ultimate Arabic Experience

This unique program is designed to grow & nurture your understanding of the Arabic language using the simplest, most effective methods. When you join, you get access to the courses you want for 1 monthly fee! 

Course #1: The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever

In this Basic Arabic Course, you will learn:

  • What makes the Arabic language so uniquely beautiful  
  • Why the Arabic language is often compared to an intricate puzzle  
  • How to construct simple Arabic sentences (Written & Oral)  
  • Rules of Basic Arabic Grammar  
  • How to deconstruct & understand simple Arabic duas  
  • The basics of everyday Arabic conversation  
  • How to actually apply everything you learn  
  • Translation of basic texts  

Course #2: Conversational Arabic 101

The Simplest Way To Learn Arabic Conversation Skills in Just 4 Minutes A Day  

  • Access to a structured Rihla syllabus with pre-recorded video & audio lessons including Rihla Arabic Skills illustrated workbooks & our unique reference guides to help you start speaking Arabic  
  • Dedicated email support to answer your questions and assist you with any issues you face  
  • Specially designed vocabulary & Arabic phrase learning tools  
  • Modules dealing with everyday conversation, travel, work, studies, asking questions, constructing sentences & much more  
  • A learning experience that's simple,effective and designed to produce measurable results

Course #3: Words of the Noble Qur'aan

An analysis, background & interpretation of some of the most commonly-recited Qur'aanic words 

  • Understand the implications & history of certain Qur'aanic Words
  • Learn how Qur'aanic words are derived from different grammatical sources and how they're connected to the interpretation of the message of the Noble Qur'aan

Course #4: Supplications of the Noble Qur'aan

The translation, interpretation, benefits and history of Duas (supplications) found withing the page of the Qur'aan

  • Learn the duas of the Prophets
  • Identify the occasions and places where Dua is readily accepted
  • Explore & understand the Divinely-recommended supplications for every worldly & spiritual need

Course #5: Tafseer of The Noble Qur'aan

In this course, you will learn:

  • The interpretations of selected portions of the Qur'aan  
  • The lessons & messages contained within these Surahs/Aaayat  
  • How to improve your focus in Salaah by understanding what you're reciting 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of the Arabic language. It’s especially useful for those who want to increase their knowledge of the Qur'aan. 

This program works well for those who want to learn Basic Arabic grammar, conversation skills and become familiar with Qur'aanic Arabic.

Do I need to have studied Arabic before this?

No. Formal Arabic studies are not a pre-requisite for this program.

You do need to be able to read Arabic (i.e. Qur'aan) in order to fully benefit from the course material

How Much Does The Program Cost?

From 1 June 2019 onwards, access to the Rihla Ultimate Arabic Program is based on the subscription plans below.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing info@rihla.co.za

Registrations will open on 7 June 2019 & close once all spaces have sold-out. 

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program?

As long as you have an active subscription, you will have access to the program. 

Is all the course material available immediately?


We upload new content every 10 days from the date the course commences. 

In the past, we've found that many participants struggle to study in a structured fashion if too much of content is made available in one go.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues.

You will also be able to submit and ask questions to the Rihla HelpDesk.

Ready to Join the Ultimate Arabic Progam?


  • Basic Arabic Course 
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support via email
  • Month-to-month subscription


  • Basic Arabic Course
  • Conversational Arabic 101
  • Introduction to Tafseer
  • 2012 Tafseer Summaries
  • 2015 Tafseer Summaries 
  • 2017 Tafseer Summaries
  • New: The Seerah Project
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support via email 
  • Month-to-month subscription


  • Basic Arabic Course
  • Conversational Arabic 101
  • Supplications of The Qur'aan
  • Words of The Qur'aan
  • 2012 Tafseer Summaries
  • 2015 Tafseer Summaries 
  • 2017 Tafseer Summaries
  • New: The 2019 Tafseer Journey
  • New: The Rihla Tajweed Program
  • New: The Seerah Project
  • Access to all upcoming Rihla online programs
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support via email 
  • Month-to-month subscription  
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