We've Designed The Simplest Basic Arabic Course.Ever.

Why Study With Rihla?

1. We understand the challenges

With over a decade of experience in designing & teaching Arabic courses, we've developed a set of syllabi (including our own learning material & resources) that take into account 99% of the challenges you're likely to face.  

(For the remaining 1%, our support system, the Rihla HelpDesk, is your answer!)  

You definitely won't be asked to learn complicated technical jargon or memorise random lists of words.

2. We keep things simple

We're not kidding when we call our introductory course, "The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever."  

When you join a Rihla course, you won't need to leave your job or spend 5 hours a day memorising concepts you don't understand. Promise.

3. We believe in achieving real, measurable results

Our process is simple:  

Once registered, you'll get access to the course content including workbooks, illustrated notes and mp3 audio summaries.

Work at the recommended pace and contact us whenever you need help

This Is What You Get

An Introduction to Basic Arabic Grammar

You will learn:

  • How to construct simple Arabic sentences (Written & Oral)
  • Rules of Basic Arabic Grammar
  • The basics of everyday Arabic conversation

Global Online Access to a System That Works

Our pioneering methodology includes step-by-step video tutorials, illustrated workbooks, audio summaries, detailed notes. Our courses are designed for impact!

Dedicated Support

If you have any questions or need help understanding a concept, you can get support, feedback & assistance via our dedicated HelpDesk staffed by experienced, competent Arabic-language experts

Here's how the online access works:



The only pre-requisite is the ability to read Arabic i.e. Qur'aan


Receive Access Details within 48 Hours

Once you've registered, we'll process your account and create a profile for you on our website


Begin The Experience 

Using the login details we generate for you, you'll be able to access all the course content via our website for as long as you have an active subscription

Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to...

  • Understand & construct simple phrases & sentences (without swotting of vocabulary lists!)
  • Construct simple questions in Arabic & understand the simple components of conversation
  • Accurately identify & explain the basic parts of speech in an Arabic sentence
  • Correctly alter the nature of a sentence or word based on the individual/s you're addressing or the nature of the dialogue taking place

Questions We Receive The Most

Q: What if I miss a lesson or can't make it to study for a few weeks?

Q: Do I need to a computer to participate?

A: All the course content is pre-recorded and available for access as long you have an active subscription & Internet connection. 

You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing info@rihla.co.za and re-activate it whenever you like.

A: Although many individuals have successfully used tablets and even smartphones to access the course content, we can't guarantee access and compatibility via these devices. A laptop or PC is required.

Q: What kind of Arabic will I learn?

Q: Are there any pre-requisites?

A: The Arabic taught in all Rihla courses is the Arabic of the Qur'aan. In fact, one of our key areas of focus is helping course participants increase their understanding of the message of the Noble Qur'aan.

A: Apart from the ability to read Arabic i.e. Qur'aan, no prior knowledge of Arabic is required.

Ready to launch your studies of Arabic?


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