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Welcome to the Rihla Arabic Academy


My name is Junaid Kajee. I’m the founder of the Rihla Arabic Academy.


As someone who’s been teaching Arabic for over a decade now, I’ve always been passionate about devising ways to make this beautiful language more accessible to those who don’t have the time or the capacity to devote a large chunk of time to studying the language.


When I started teaching Arabic online, all Rihla courses were taught live. This meant that course participants needed to be online at the exact time that I was teaching. Missing a lesson meant that participants would have to schedule a separate catch-up session. This proved tedious and eventually, I decided that all courses needed to be recorded. 


When I started recording the course content I made sure that the lessons weren’t too fast-paced or flooded with technical jargon. I hate complicating things when a simpler method exists.  


With measurable results being a hallmark of the work that Rihla does, I also needed to ensure that the notes, workbooks, audio summaries and video tutorials delivered at least 10X more value than any of the courses I taught live.


The Simplest Arabic Course. Ever.

The first thing I did was review the courses that were being offered online. In fact, this review takes place every year. Anyway, this is what I found:

Some courses relied heavily on the swotting of vocabulary lists and everyday phrases

Others flooded the student with a ton of complex grammar rules

There were even courses that dedicated 80% of the course to Arabic conversation


The result: Too many people were starting their study of Arabic only to end it after a short while, becoming disillusioned with the language because of the way in which they were taught.


I’ve found that learning Arabic requires a fine balance between the study of the theory of the language and practical application of the concepts learnt. I’m confident that this course has managed to strike that balance.

Why Do You Want To Learn Arabic?

Your Objective

Before I tell you more about the course, it’s important for you to clarify why you want to study Arabic. 

Some people need to learn Arabic for career-related purposes, others would like to learn the conversational ‘dialects’ spoken in Arab countries. Still others may want to be able to read and understand the classical texts of Islam.

Our Aim

The standard curriculum taught at Rihla is designed to help you understand the Arabic of the Qur’aan and become conversant on a basic level in “Qur’aanic Arabic”.

If you have an alternate reason for studying Arabic, please contact me to discuss a possible bespoke curriculum.

What's In The Course

Even though the Rihla Basic Arabic course is backed by almost a decade of experience in teaching Arabic to everyone from teenagers to retirees, I’m constantly evaluating & revising the course content.

We believe what sets us apart as leaders in the field, is our commitment to progress. When you register for the Basic Arabic course, this is what you get access to:

Basic Arabic Grammar

 Textual application of theoretical concepts

 Introduction to sentence construction (Written & Oral)

 Translation of Basic Texts

24/7 Global Access to a unique syllabus built around a proven, effective methodology and designed to help you build the strongest possible foundational knowledge of Arabic 

Unparallaled Support via a dedicated HelpDesk with a real, live person behind it to answer any questions you may have about the coursework

 Our pioneering methodology includes step-by-step video tutorials, illustrated workbooks, audio summaries, detailed notes.

Our courses are designed for impact!

 Self-paced study

Because all the content is pre-recorded, you can study at a pace that’s comfortable + convenient for you

You need to be able to read Arabic to register for this course

We guarantee that if you complete all the coursework within the recommended timeframes, you will be able to understand & construct simple phrases & sentences (without swotting of vocabulary lists), identify the basic parts of speech in a sentence & understand basic Arabic texts

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to learn Arabic?

I’d never say that learning Arabic is difficult. I would however tell you that as with everything else in life, learning Arabic will require commitment and dedication.

What kind of Arabic do you teach?

I do not teach any of the prevalent ‘dialects’ i.e. Egyptian,Lebanese,North African etc. The Arabic taught at Rihla is the Arabic found on the pages of the Qur’aan.

Will I be able to understand Qur'aan after attending your course?

If you complete the Basic level together with all the required coursework you should have no problem at all in understanding the basic textual meanings of certain parts of the Qur’aan. (Understanding the juristic and spiritual meanings contained in the Qur’aan requires one to study Tafseer (exegesis of Qur’aan).

How much of time do I need to commit?

15 minutes a day is the minimum amount of time we suggest you should be spending on revision and/or homework. Depending on your learning capability and environment you may require more or less time.

What is required to participate in online lessons?

  • Participating in online sessions means you will require a laptop or PC & a working ADSL connection with a minimum line speed of 1 mbps
  • You will also need earphones/speakers to hear the lesson.

Are online sessions live?

The Basic Arabic Course is a self-paced course delivered via a series of pre-recorded video & audio lessons.

Naturally, you will have questions when going through the coursework or there may be aspects you’re unsure about.

So what should you do? Simply send an email with your query to the dedicated course helpdesk and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours (on business days). If an email response isn’t helping you, we’ll give you up to 3 half-hour, 1-on-1 Skype calls to make sure you’re on par with the syllabus.

How long is the course?

Once the course commences, you will receive access to 1 lesson a week for 8 weeks.

Remember though, that the course is self-paced. You will have access to the material for 12 weeks from the date the course commences.

What We Do

We design learning programmes and training solutions built around proven, actionable strategies & driven by measurable outcomes

We Focus On

Providing world-class content designed to help you make meaningful progress in the core areas of your life

Apart from Arabic, we offer training courses on Parenting, Marriage & Personal Development

How We Offer Our Content

Live & Recorded Webinars, Online Courses, Video Lessons, Audio Tutorials, On-Site Training & Seminars

Want To Learn More About Us?

Email us:

Visit the website of our founder, Ml.Junaid Kajee here

Find him on Twitter here: @JunaidKajee