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Explanation & Meaning of The Word Raihaan

The word Raihaan occurs twice in the Qur’aan, one time each in two consecutive surahs (Surah ar Rahmaan and Surah Waqiah) Some scholars of Qur’aan believe that Raihaan when mentioned in Surah Waqiah, means Divine sustenance and gifts. My YouTube channel will have a video with the correct pronunciation up soon, Insha Allah. Other authorities of Qur’aanic Tafseer mention that when the souls of the close servants of Allah Ta’ala are being removed from their bodies, they will be given the fragrance of the flower of Raihaan to smell. This is a sign of Divine blessings. Raihaan also refers to a state where the soul is encompassed by peace and ensconced in mercy. Commentators of Qur’aan mention that Raihaan is a flower that will be brought from Jannah and given as a gift to the accepted slaves of Allah Ta’ala. Imam al Qurtubi mentions in his Tafseer that Raihaan in Surah Waqiah refers to the blessing of being able to listen to the words of Allah Ta’ala. The Arabs of the past used to say, “I went out seeking the Raihaan of Allah”, meaning, the sustenance & gifts of Allah Ta’ala. Noted scholars of Qur’aan have mentioned that Raihaan refers to Jannah and it refers to Divine Mercy as well. Sayyiduna ibn Abbas (RadiAllahu anhuma) is reported to have said, “Every Raihaan in the Qur’aan is referring to Divine sustenance” Tafseer al Qurtubi mentions the statement, ????? ?? ????? ???? which means, “A son (child) is the Raihaan of Allah”. This refers to a special favor. Linguists have mentioned much about the intricacies, background and nature of the name Raihaan. Further information will be in the Origins Tafseer programme starting soon.

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