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Explanation of The Word Shifaa

There are six verses in the Qur'aan mentioning the word Shifaa or a variation of it. Generally, the word Shifaa is translated as 'cure' and it's usually used in reference to a cure for an ailment or illness. Before I go any further, it's important to note that in the entire Qur'aan, only the Qur'aan itself and honey have been referred to as Shifaa. More on this at another time, Insha Allah. al Fayyumi, the linguist, mentions that Shifaa refers to the removal of something (a worry, illness, obstacle) that prevents a person from experiencing a state of inner-comfort. As an example, the word Shifaa is used when a person's anger dissipates because anger is seen as an obstacle to peace and the dissipation of the anger is seen as the cure that will allow serenity to settle in the heart. If you're battling resentment or struggling to forgive someone, you need the peace that envelopes your soul when you choose to forgive more than the other person needs your forgiveness. in Mu'jamul Lughah, it's mentioned that Shifaa is when grief is removed from one's heart. When used to refer to a sick person, it denotes the return of the patient's health. I must point out that the origin of the word Shifaa isn't only linked to physical illness. It's become synonymous with comfort, overcoming obstacles and enjoying peace. ibn Manzoor, notes that Shifaa is also used to describe the time when one's ignorance is removed. Others state that the removal of anything that clouds one's judgment or confuses the soul is also termed as Shifaa. Perhaps you're going through a time in your life where you're unaware of the choices you should be making. Maybe you feel like you don't have the courage to do whatever will bring you happiness. Or maybe you don't know what to do to find your happiness. Whether you're struggling with physical, emotional, financial challenges or anything else that disrupts your peace, may you find the Shifaa that you need. . . ? Reminder: The Origins Tafseer Course starts 1 November 2017. Email for details.

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