You Can Learn To Read The Noble Qur'aan 



Simple, Online, Global Access 24/7

  • No Prior Knowledge Required
  • Learn When You Want, Where You Want
  • Designed To Help You Learn Via The Simplest Possible Methods
  • Access to the Rihla HelpDesk
  • Pre-Recorded Audio & Video Content 
  • New Modules Every Week

What Is The Learn Qur'aan Project?

A step-by-step online course for those wanting to learn how to read the Noble Qur'aan. No knowledge of Arabic is required to participate in the course.

All lessons are recorded, allowing you to complete the course at a pace that's both comfortable & convenient for you. 

What Do I Need To Participate?

  • Internet access whenever you wish to study
  • A Laptop or PC (We do not recommend using phones or tablets to access this course)
  • Headphones/Speakers

How Long Is The Course?

Once the course commences, you have access to the course content for a period of 6 months.

How Do I Access The Course ?

Once your registration is processed and the course starts, you will receive a username and password that gives you access to the course content. 

What Is The Course Fee ?

Access to the Learn Qur'aan Project is ZAR 599 (South African Rand) per person. You will receive access from the date the course commences.


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We solve meaningful problems. 

In part, we accomplish this by designing and offering world-class learning programmes. When we noticed the amount of people who yearned to be able to read Qur'aan but were unable to find suitable facilities, we asked ourselves : Why not design an online learning environment to help adults (primarily) learn to read Qur'aan?

This course is the answer...

You get 24 / 7 access to our online learning platform. 

Keep track of your progress & revise as much as you like. In the event that our website or content host is offline and you're unable to access the content, we'll extend your access for double the time you lost.

Help is just an email away. 

The Rihla HelpDesk offers you an efficient, dedicated support system.

Start from the very beginning. 

You need absolutely no knowledge of Arabic or Qur'aanic recitation. Study at your own pace.

Online Learning is what we do. 

Having designed and offered dozens of courses, webinars & live sessions over the past decade, we know how to get the job done.

Highly Limited Spaces Available. Registrations will close once all spaces are reserved. 



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“We exist to add value. We achieve this by helping people make real, meaningful progress”

Ml. Junaid Kajee - Founder, Rihla Group

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