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[Limited Offer] – 50% Off The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever.

When people hear that I speak Arabic, the question they’re most likely going to ask is, “How difficult is it to learn Arabic?”

Now, with everything in life, people experience different levels of difficulty when attempting something. So I can’t tell you how difficult it would be for you personally to learn Arabic.

But, if you had to ask me what is the 1 thing that I’m sure of when it comes to learning a new skill, this would be it: Simplicity is the ultimate key to intellectual growth.

See, the simpler something is, the more likely you are to learn it correctly.

Understanding how the human mind learns is an integral part of designing a breakthrough syllabus.

I’m confident that the approach I’ve taken when designing the online version of the Rihla Basic Arabic Course will not only help you understand the basics of Arabic but also provide you with a rock-solid foundation to further your studies should you choose to.

The entire syllabus has been designed specifically with the needs of English speakers in mind so that the experience is as simple as possible. I’ve taken into account the challenges you are most likely to face and provided workarounds for you.

Apart from the course videos, you will receive notes for the week’s lesson in PDF format together with other material I feel will support you in your journey. You will also be given the opportunity to submit your work to us for review & checking.  Plus, you get access to a dedicated HelpDesk, manned by a real, live human-being ready and waiting to assist you with any questions you may have at any point during the course.

Here’s what inside the course:

  • Fully online course
  • Pre-recorded content means you can study at a pace that you’re comfortable with
  • Step-by-step video lessons,
  • Illustrated workbooks,
  • Detailed notes and
  • Access to the Rihla HelpDesk manned by a real, live human being to help you with any questions you may have.
For the next 48 hours only we’re giving you 50% off The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever.
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