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Meaning & Explanation of The Name Naailah

It's been a while since I've done a name explanation. Naailah is a female name of Arabic origin. . Amongst its many literal meanings are, "Gracious", "Noble" & "Obtainer of good". . . Naailah is the one who is gifted with invaluable blessings, both spiritual & physical. It is also a female who is blessed and considered fortunate in every area of her life. Parents who name their daughters Naailah are doing so with the hope that success, happiness and happiness will follow her where're she goes. . . Some linguists state that the root of this name also refers to a person who is the embodiment of generosity and selflessness. . . The following Sahaabiyyaat were named Naailah. . ?? Naailah bint alFarafisah – The wife of the Caliph Sayyiduna Usman ibn Affan (RadiAllahu Anhu) . . ??Naailah bint Salaamah • Naailah bint Ubaid. • Naailah bint Sa'd • Naailah bint Rabee'. . . Amongst the ancient Arabs, when the word Naailah was included in a title, it denoted a person of outstanding character. Some scholars of language say that Naailah is a person who is not only pure-hearted but also an individual who is a gift to the people who are blessed to have her in their lives. If you're named Naailah, may your gifts never stop benefiting the people around you.

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