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The Name Ibraheem

The name Ibraheem appears in the Noble Qur’aan a total of 69 times in 25 Surahs.

Linguists differ regarding the origin of this name. Some claim it is of Arabic origin whilst others believe it to be of Kurdish nature. There are those who state that Ibraheem is derived from a Hebrew word.

The original Hebrew word was “Abraam”. In Hebrew this is translated as “Respected father”. (Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) is known in Islam as the Father of the Prophets.) It could also be translated as, “A noble man of lofty status”. 

In ancient times, the word Ibraheem was used by the people of a town near Kufa. They used to pronounce it as Ib-rahaam and later on as Abraaha.

If we use ancient Arabic usage as the root of this word then it would be derived from, “Barr” which means brother and “Haam” which meant rock. This was in reference to the uncle/father of Nabi Ibraheem alayhis salaam who used to carve idols out of stone.

Ibraheem also means, “The Father of the Ummah”. It is name given to boys with the hope that they will grow-up to embody the honour, majesty, sincerity & humility of Nabi Ibraheem alayhis salaam.

There are those who say that Ibraheem is derived from the Arabic word, “Barhama”, which means “One who ponders/reflects deeply”. It also refers to a person with foresight & vision.

Ibraheem is used to refer a loving father who carefully nurtures his children.

If you’re named Ibraheem, your parents chose for you a timeless name which is also a title that exudes nobility. Carry it with respect. You have the honour of being named after 1 of the most revered of all human-beings to walk this Earth. Make them proud!   

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