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The Name Safiyya

The name “Safiyya” is linguistically of Arabic origin. It is a name for females.


Many notable Arab women were named “Safiyya”. Literally, it means “The one who is chosen (for her unique qualities)”.


According to some scholars of language, it means, “The one who exudes purity in her actions & words”. The root word of “Safiyya” means, “A close, chosen friend” & “A friend who is specifically selected for having rare qualities”.


When describing someone’s heart, the word is used to denote a heart brimming with love, purity, affection and sincerity. “Safiyya” is also used to describe someone who does not act with ulterior motives. She does not act in a hypocritical manner nor does she embody despicable character. In essence, she is the embodiment of every quality worthy of being pursued.


The Arabs used to also use the word “Safiyya” to describe date trees that used to bear the excessive amounts of dates. Dates being an exceptionally valuable commodity amongst the Arabs, they used the word “Safiyya” in the context of referring to something of remarkably great value.


When an Arab herdsman assessed his flock, he would use the term “Safiyya min alGhanaaim” to describe the one he would offer to the owner of the herd should he require one for traversing a great distance. This is because the word “Safiyya” attested to the existence of the qualities of endurance, reliability & loyalty that a rider would find invaluable.


Due to this word becoming symbolic of purity, integrity & success, “Safiyya” fast became a favourite name amongst the ancient Arabs. The logic behind choosing such a name for one’s daughter was that as she grew up she would hopefully display these qualities and they would assist her in succeeding at her endeavours.


If your name is “Safiyya” your parents most likely named you after hearing of the great & honourable Sahaabiyaat who carried this illustrious name which is in essence,a title as well. Consider this to be one of the innumerable gifts your parents chose for you.


May you be blessed with the qualities your name embodies.

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