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The Rihla Arabic for Beginners Program

Earlier this year, we launched The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever.

The response we received was phenomenal. Participants from all over South Africa (and eventually, countries across the world) registered for the course and started learning Basic Arabic Online. 

It was truly amazing to see people from all over the world start the course with no knowledge of Arabic (other than the ability to read Arabic, which is a pre-requisite) and then progress to being able to construct simple sentences. 

In 2008, I used to teach Arabic to individual students via Skype. This progressed into webinars, which at the time weren’t too common. Eventually, many other courses were added to the Rihla course prospectus. 

Fast-forward to 2016 when we launched a complete pre-recorded Arabic course online. When I say course I don’t mean videos only. We included downloadable workbooks, high-quality illustrated notes and a dedicated HelpDesk to offer support, answer queries and check completed worksheets.

Today, we’re taking it a step further. On Monday, 17th October 2016, we’re launching the Arabic for Beginners Program – a structured learning program that includes access to The Simplest Arabic Course.Ever + 2 exciting new modules. The new content will focus specifically on increasing one’s understanding of certain core messages of the Noble Qur’aan as well enhancing one’s knowledge of Salaah.

Further details will be on the Rihla newsletter (Click Here To Subscribe) 

About The Author

Moulana Junaid Kajee is the founder of Rihla.

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