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Virtues of the Noble Qur’aan (Fadhaail Qur’aan) – Part 1

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(The posts in this category are excerpts from the abridged version of the kitaab known as Fazaail-e-A’maal authored by the renowned Muhaddith and Faqeeh, Shaikhul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Rahimahullah)

It is necessary for the reader of the Qur’aan to respect the Qur’aan. Anyone who has no respect is deprived of Allah Ta’ala’s special favour.

Whenever Hadhrat Ikramah (RadiAllahu Anhu) opened the Qur’aan, he would become unconscious and fall down. He would then say: “This is the Word of my Allah! This is the Word of my Allah!”

Rules of respecting the Qur’aan Shareef

1. After cleaning the teeth with a miswaak and making wudhu, you should sit respectfully in a quiet place and face the Qiblah.
2. Then, with an attentive heart, deep concentration and love, you should read, all the time understanding that you are reciting to Almighty Allah Ta’ala.
3. If you understand the meaning, you should stop and think about the Aayaat of mercy and beg for Allah Ta’ala’s forgiveness and compassion. On the Aayaat of punishment and warning, you should seek Allah’s Ta’ala’s protection, as no one can protect us except Him.
4. When reading the Qur’aan, try to shed a few tears.
5. You should not read fast.
6. The Qur’aan should be placed on a slightly higher place like a desk or a pillow.
7. You should not talk while reading. If a person has to speak, he should first close the Qur’aan and then speak. Thereafter he should recite Ta’awwuz (A’oozu billah…) and continue reading.
8. It is better to recite the Qur’aan loudly. However, if people nearby are busy, it will be better to read softly

The Ulama have mentioned six external (outside) and six internal (inside) rules of respect for reading the Qur’aan Shareef which are given below:

Rules of External Respect

1. Perform wudhu and sit respectfully facing the Qiblah.
2. Do not read fast. Rather read at a medium speed with the correct pronunciation.
3. Try to weep (cry).
4. When reading the Aayaat of mercy or of punishment, do as explained above.
5. Read in a loud voice. However, if others will be disturbed by your recitation, read softly.
6. Read in a sweet voice.

Rules of Internal Respect

1. The heart should be full of the glory (greatness) of the Qur’aan.
2. Keep in mind the Highness, Majesty and Magnificence of Almighty Allah Ta’ala.
3. The heart should be free from distractions and doubts.
4. Ponder over the meaning and enjoy reciting it.
5. Rasulullah (SallAllahu alaihi wa Sallam) once spent the whole night repeating the following Aayat:

6. The ears should listen attentively as if Almighty Allah Himself is speaking and the reader is listening to Him.
May Allah Ta’ala, out of His mercy and kindness, grant us all the ability to read the Qur’aan Shareef with respect. Aameen.

An Important Rule

It is compulsory on every Muslim to memorise that much of the Quraan which is needed for performing salaah.